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Stylish terraces, distinct urban lofts, spacious apartments, bespoke retail, sustainable offices, signature cafes and dining and a landmark hotel.


the location

Peace, serenity and comfort, or adventure, exploration and fun. The G6 precinct offers the flexibility to establish your perfect life. With access to nature reserves, leisure, and entertainment amenities, G6 is a place to settle and create home.

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Canberra on your doorstep.


the interiors

Designed with an eye for detail, G6 offers high-quality finishes throughout every residence.

Glistening appliances from trusted brands, polished colour palettes, and varying designer textures produce an indulgent feel while also imbuing a sense of surprise and excitement around every element.

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Seamless Bathrooms

Escape from the everyday to your own oasis. Designed with care as an opulent space, the bathrooms at G6 leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Featuring calming tones and tactile features to sooth and awaken— every bathroom is a sanctuary at the G6 precinct.

Striking Kitchens

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home. Spacious kitchens with innovative designs hold pride of place in every G6 residence, providing the space to create.


With exquisite finishes, ample storage, preparation, and cooking space, residents will love spending time in their kitchens.

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the courtyard

A space to breathe, grow, and connect.

The courtyard is the heart of the G6 precinct. Landscaped gardens organically flow through the open communal expanse crafting niche areas for residents to enjoy.


Dynamic building levels and rising stairs pull you through creating an energetic central core that begs to be explored.


the atrium

The state-of-the-art atrium at G6 offers a unique sensory space.

Light and air mix together to breathe life into its structure. Plants guide residents through its weaving visage, with soaring walkways to lead them home.


Glass and greenery carefully embrace the atrium’s artfully sculpted form, engendering an inspiring space with nature and community connection at its heart.


Ease of access to all of Canberra. The iconic Canberra light rail awaits, ready to usher you from your doorstep into the heart of the Canberra CBD.


Be it for work or pleasure, the G6 precinct’s central location next to the thriving light rail will ensure you arrive at your destination effortlessly.

Stroll to the Gungahlin Town Centre and indulge your cravings at Gungahlin’s vibrant and award-winning cafés, restaurants, and bars.


A relaxed Sunday morning brunch, a celebratory family dinner, or drinks with friends, Gungahlin has it all.

G6 is conveniently placed within walking distance to popular nature reserves, like Yerrabi Pond, Mulligans Flat, and the Mullanggari Grasslands.


G6 is a place to settle and create home.

Everyday convenience and opulent indulgence. G6 residents will reclaim time with all their shopping needs only a heartbeat away from the electric Gungahlin Town Centre.


Be it bespoke boutiques or shopping essentials, you’ll have what you desire close at hand.


the team

Meet our highly experienced team of award winning architects, designers and developers.

COX Architecture creates award-winning designs that are attractive, useful and adaptive.

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With a proven record for delivering high-quality projects, we are a pre-eminent property development group redefining the status quo.


The Dept. of Design is a collaborative design team with a vision to think outside the box, delivering creative, functional results and a great customer experience.





Welcome to the landmark Gungahlin has been waiting for; a vibrant, light filled hub.


A brand new precinct development to provide the freedom to breathe, grow, and connect.